Sunday, September 2, 2007

LNK postponed

Please be informed that due to conflict in schedule, the celebration of the Linggo ng Kabataan for this year has been postponed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you very much

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tentative sked for LNK 2007



PART I: PRE – LNK ACTIVITIES: Young Government Officials (YGO) ELECTION

A) September 1, Saturday – Youth Camp

0630 – 0700 Registration - Municipal Plaza
0700 – 0800 Departure to Youth Camp Venue – Brgy. Fatima
0800 – 1000 Arrival, billeting, setting up of tents, SNACKS,
1000 – 1200 Introduction – Youth Camp rules, activities and programs, YGO guidelines and division of teams

1200 – 1330 LUNCH

1330 – 1400 Opening: Scavenger Hunt (Rules and Guidelines)
1400 – 1530 The Great Debate
1530 – 1400 Introduction – LNK Camp fire activities
1400 – 1900 Preparation for LNK Camp fire by groups
1900 – 2030 DINNER
2030 – 2330 LNK Camp fire

B) September 2, Sunday

0600 – 0700 Wake up call, morning rituals
0700 – 0800 Reflective Exercises
0800 – 0900 BREAKFAST
0900 – 1130 Youth Trail
1130 – 1200 Announcement of Winners – Rest Period

1200 – 1330 LUNCH

1330 – 1400 Orientation – YGO
1400 – 1430 Election – Proclamation of winners
1430 – 1630 Parliamentary Procedures and Public Governance/SNACKS
1630 – 1700 Closing Ceremonies, Preparation for departure
1700 – 1800 Departure
1800 Arrival – Municipal Gymnasium


A) September 3 - Monday

0800 – 1000 Launching of LNK 2007/Opening Ceremonies/Oath taking of elected officials
1000 – 1130 Orientation of YGO to be done by their respective counterparts

1400 – 1530 1st regular session of YGO legislative council
1530 – 1630 General Executive meeting by the YGO

B) September 4 -Tuesday

0900 – 1130 Poster Making Contest

1400 – 1500 Essay Writing Contest
1500 – 1630 Impromptu Speaking Contest

C) September 5 - Wednesday

0930 – 1600 Motor show

D) September 6 - Thursday

0700 – 1130 Synchronize clean up drive – YGO officials

E) September 7 - Friday

1800 – 2300 Search for Ms. LNK 2007 / Dance Contest
2300 – 2400 Disco… Dance… Dance…Dance

Prepared by:

SK FederationPresident

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Registration extended for the SK election this year

Manila Bulletin

The Commission on Elections (Comelec)ruled yesterday that theextension of the registration of voters for the Oct. 29, 2007 fromJuly 24 to 31 for the Barangay polls, and from July 28 and 29as well as from Aug. 4 and 5, 2007 for SK elections after the originaleight-day registration period for both political exercises whichexpired last Sunday, July 22, was legal.
The Comelec, led by Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos Sr., defended the extension of registration period after a group of prominent electionlawyers and leaders of non-government organizations (NGOs) expresseddoubt on its legality because as stated in Section 8 of Rep. Act 8189or The Voters Registration Act of 1996 "no registration shall beconducted during the period starting 120 days before a regularelection and 90 days before a special election." The group, which includes lawyers Francisco B. Sibayan, Yasser B.Lumbos, Cristeto J. Limbaco, Ernesto Verdejo, Blo Umpar Adiong andCPA-lawyer Godofredo V. Arquiza said RA 8189 applies to votersregistration because it is a special law and not Rep. Acts 6646 and8436 which are general laws. But the Comelec said it authorized the extension in response to a public clamor and pursuant to its sincere efforts to carry out its constitutional and statutory mandate to effectively and efficiently conduct the registration of voters for thepurpose of ensuring free, orderly, honest, peaceful and credibleelections.The Comelec said that Sec. 29 of RA 6646 as reiterated in Sec. 28 ofRA 8434 reads: "Designation of Other Dates for Certain Pre-electionActs. — If it shall no longer be reasonably possible to observe the periods and dates prescribed by law for certain pre-election acts,the Commission shall fix other periods and dates in order to ensureaccomplishment of the activities so voters shall not be deprived oftheir rights of suffrage."
Abalos said that for the purpose of extended registration, fieldoffices of the Comelec have been authorized to render overtime of twohours during weekdays and eight hours during Saturdays and Sundays,from July 24 to Aug. 12, 2007. He said if the application form of anapplicant who fails to submit himself for the live capture of hisbiometrics data for cause attributable to his own fault shall bedeemed incomplete and not filed. "As such, the application shall bedisapproved for failure to complete the requirements, " he said.The election officers and their assistants are authorized toaccomplish the data capture not later than Aug. 12, 2007, he said."If the biometrics data capture cannot be accomplished within the saidperiod without fault on the part of the applicant, the applicationshall be considered for action of the Election Registration Board,"Abalos said. Regarding the registration for SK polls, the Comelec said it shall beconducted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the registration filing centershall be established in the barangay hall or, public school or otherpublic building centrally located within the barangay as may bedetermined by the EO. The Comelec decided to extend the registrationperiod for SK polls only on weekends as most of those registeringare students.